Cremation Memorials

After someone has been cremated there are a range of ways they can be memorialised within Allambe Memorial Park, a beautiful, secure and peaceful environment where cremated remains can be placed forever.

Timber Pillar

A timber pillar for scattering ashes, featuring a bronze plaque to commemorate loved ones.

Memorial Tree

A plaque nestled among the leaves, with ashes spread at the roots offering a simple place for remembrance.

Granite Book

Overlooking the breathtaking Allambe Memorial Park, the Granite Book offers a dedicated plaque space for loved ones, ensuring their memories endure, regardless of where their ashes rest.

Granite Memorial Walls

The McPherson & McIlwain Granite Walls offer a dedicated, permanent resting place for ashes. Lovingly crafted for single or double placements. Availability is limited.

Single Bush Rock

Located in Binnaburra Gardens, a rustic bushrock serves as a natural-style memorial. Available in single and double configurations.

Double Ironbark Pillar

The Ironbark Pillar for two comes with two bronze plaques and a bronze companion urn.

Seated Bushrock Estate

A space for connection, reflection, and remembrance: the Seated Bushrock Estate offers a place for families to stay close. It can be upgraded to accommodate up to seven rights.

Gazebo 3 Granite Garden

A continuous granite garden under Gazebo 3, featuring a bevelled edge granite tablet and a bronze book. Each site comes with a family surname plaque and a bronze companion urn.

Tallowood Rockery Pebble Position

Poinciana Continuous Rockery

An elegant, enduring rockery for two, showcasing a bevelled edge granite tablet, a lustrous bronze book of life, a distinguished family surname plaque, and a timeless bronze companion urn.

Family Bush Rock for 4

Mini Rock Estate for 4

Single Granite Pillar

In the rose gardens of Lakeview Gardens stands the single rose pillar. Each comes with a cremation plaque and a bronze ash capsule, available in various granite shades.

Double Rose Garden

Dual rose garden spots include two bronze cremation plaques and a companion bronze urn.

Flat Granite Memorial

Memorial Niche Rock

Kauri Tree Niche

Woodgrain Pillars

Rock Wall Niche

Continuous Rockery for 2

Mini Family Rock Estate for 4

Bushrock Family Estate for 4

Family Seat Estate

Continuous Granite Garden for Two

Situated within the stunning Outlook the continuous Granite Garden offers a visually breathtaking memorial to carry the memory of treasured loved ones.

Oval Granite Garden for 2

Granite Pillar

Square Granite Estate

Premium Granite Seat Esate

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