Prearrange a Memorial

Prearranging a memorial for yourself or for your whole family ensures that you have a place where you can always be together, forever.

It's financially wise as you pay today's price and avoid inflation. Your requirements will be carried out at an agreed cost and your loved ones won't have the stress of making decisions on your behalf at a difficult time.

Finding Loved Ones

Resting Place by HeavenAddress is an online search tool that allows you to discover the physical memorial location of family and friends in a participating memorial park.

Locate a final resting place or memorial site in our park gardens and lawns with the help of Resting Place. Search by the person's name and discover the location of the memorial within our grounds.

Our Florist

At Earl E Blooms we provide a heartfelt service that honours the life of your loved one by placing beautiful flower bouquets on their memorial.

Allambe Memorial Park and Earl E Blooms work closely together to provide families with the widest variety of beautiful and personal floral arrangements.

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Burial Memorial Options

A burial memorial creates a permanent record of the burial site, which becomes a place where memories can be revisited, emotions explored, as well as a place where future generations can come to visit. The burial memorial options available at Allambe Memorial Park include granite and heritage estates and traditional headstones.

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Cremation Memorial Options

Allambe Memorial Park is a beautiful, secure and peaceful environment where cremated remains can be placed forever. Family members and descendants can come here and reflect to celebrate the life of their relative or friend. At Allambe the cremation memorial options include chair estates, hardwood pillar, illuminated rock and garden memorials.

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HeavenAddress Online Memorials

HeavenAddress is Australia's leading online memorial and tribute site.

You can create an online memorial page where family & friends can post tributes, photos, videos and music to share with others who are also missing your loved one. It's a safe, secure and comforting online environment.

Allambe Memorial Park

A place of everlasting remembrance

Community Notice

At Allambe Memorial Park, we aim to keep our grounds to the highest standard. To do this, we undertake ongoing park maintenance, which involves periodically removing flowers and ornamentation from memorial sites. Over time artificial flowers and ornamentation can weather and become damaged, therefore the periodical removal keeps the memorial sites clean and hazard-free.

To allow you time to retrieve your Christmas mementos and tributes following the Christmas period, we will commence our first park clean up on the 18th January 2021.
If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to our team directly on 5578 1699.

We are here to support you

In these times of uncertainty there is this certainty – our commitment to honouring and celebrating life.

At this time, our florist Earl-E-Blooms will remain open Monday - Friday. 

Through this period when it will not be possible for many people to visit gravesites or attend funeral services, flower arrangement options are available. Earl-E-Blooms florists will personally design, create, arrange and deliver flowers to memorial sites across Allambe Memorial Park.

Lake View Gardens

Lake View Gardens

NEW cemetery, now open.

Crypts of the Sacred Heart at Allambe Memorial Park

Crypts of the Sacred Heart

Single crypts in the Crypts of the Sacred Heart are available starting from $14,300. Other crypt options also available.

The Outlook at Allambe Memorial Park

The Outlook

New cremation memorials in granite are now available for sale in a recent development at Allambe Memorial Park.

Binna Burra Exclusive Memorials at Allambe Memorial Park

Binna Burra Memorials

A range of new memorials in a natural bush type setting are now available for sale in Binna Burra.