Personal and cultural selections


Our arrangement of burial sites into different sections reflects the diversity of the Gold Coast community.

These sections include the RSL and Children’s Gardens, as well as areas catering to many religious denominations – Anglican, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox to name a few.

Burial options include lawn areas, traditional headstones, family vaults or mausoleums, and above ground burial crypts.

We also offer a range of cremation memorials, including a simple rose garden, a traditional wall niche, a family memorial estate, or a personal garden.


The Bali Memorial

Our Bali Memorial was established to honour the memory of those who lost their lives in the Oct 12, 2002 terrorist attack.

The monument was designed by a member of the Balinese Royal family, constructed in Bali, and shipped to Allambe Memorial Park. The Nifsan Group generously donated their labour to erect the monument.

The monument was co-ordinated by Geoffrey and Syamsinar Thwaites, who lost their son Robert in the tragedy.

The Indonesian-style stone memorial features a bronze plaque with the names of the Australian victims, including the seven Queenslanders – Robert Thwaites, Billy Hardy, David Kent, Nathan Swain, Jared Gane, Jodie Cearns and Julie Stevenson.

The memorial was dedicated in 2003 on the first anniversary of the bombing by the Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency Quentin Bryce.


Service Wall Ceremony

To honour those people who have served their country, we have a dedicated section for returned service men and women. This area features Columbarium Walls and garden memorials for war veterans.

Allambe Haven

Allambe Memorial Park prides itself on our sensitivity to your needs. We have a baby burial section that gives you the option to create a permanent reminder of these short but beautiful lives.


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