Binna Burra Exclusive memorials now selling

Exclusive cremation memorials in the stunning new development Binna Burra at Allambe Memorial Park are now available for sale.

The name Binna Burra was selected as a tribute to the Hinterland region in Lamington National Park of the same name. Gwongoorool is a large rock pool in the Binna Burra section of Lamington National Park and the ponds and pools of Allambe Memorial Park's new development are reminiscent of the area's beautiful creeks and waterfalls.

With this unique natural design and stunning location, Binna Burra is a wonderful place to secure your cremation memorial.

To find out more about the range of memorial options, and to secure your position, speak to a Family Service Adviser on (07) 5578 1699 today. We also offer relaxed, obligation-free tours of our beautiful memorial park.

The location

Situated on the south side of the rain forest style area known as Bush Walk in Allambe Memorial Park, this new development features a natural style watercourse and ponds surrounded by individual, double and family bush rock memorial options.

Memorial options

The Binna Burra development features two new memorial styles, the Illuminated Rocks and Hardwood Pillars, as well as a range of memorials constructed in bushrock for the families that like natural looking memorials.

Binna Burra Memorials at Allambe Memorial Park

Illuminated Rocks and Hardwood Pillar Memorials - now available in Binna Burra.

The memorial options include:

  • Illuminated Rock Memorial - A personal light illuminates the rock and memorial plaque at night, as seen at the top of this page. There is nothing more comforting than knowing a memorial is bathed in a peaceful light at night.
  • Hardwood Pillar Memorial - A striking memorial that compliments the bush inspired garden setting. The hardwood pillars being suggestive of the Australian bush are positioned along a walkway and will feature bronze plaques.
  • Chair Estates
  • Family Estates
  • Continuous Rockery Gardens
  • Single Bush Rock Memorial

For more information and photos of cremation memorial examples currently available at Allambe Memorial Park, please see our Cremation Memorials page.

Selling now

To secure a position in the Binna Burra memorial section of Allambe Memorial Park or to find out more about the memorial options within our park, please call us on (07) 5578 1699 or email us via the contact form below.

View of Binna Burra at Allambe Memorial Park

A view of Binna Burra.