Our Chapels


The two chapels at Allambe Memorial Park underwent refurbishment in late 2016, creating a new, clean and welcoming space.

Both chapels feature modern architecture and include an audio-visual system, a public address system and a plasma screen. This equipment is designed to provide you with the means to make your commemorative service a special memory that will last long past the day itself.

Parkview Chapel

The Parkview Chapel originally opened in 2006. In late 2016 it was treated to an external facelift to enhance the surrounding gardens, and a total refurbishment of the inside of the chapel refreshed the interior, creating a more modern and stylish space for services to be held. The refurbishment included new flooring, paint and lighting to improve your experience at Parkview.

Seating capacity has been increased to 130, efficiently utilising the space and providing extra comfort for families. The complimenting materials and colours bring the space in line with the outstanding gardens that surround Parkview Chapel. Parkview Chapel offers a reflection room at the back, which includes seating to allow a family with small children privacy during a service.

Garden Chapel

The Garden Chapel is the original chapel at Allambe Memorial Park and comfortably seats 50 guests.