About Us

Allambe is an aboriginal word for “peaceful place” or “resting place”, so we have developed here at Allambe Memorial Park a property that is a lasting testimony to those who we remember, and those who remember.

Our gardens are a place of natural beauty, maintained by people who are dedicated to ensuring your peace and privacy.

Tropical rockeries are a feature of our parkscape, which reflects the natural bush environment of this beautiful part of the Gold Coast hinterland.

We have created a sanctuary for families, where reflections can resonate in a tranquil and inviting environment.

One convenient and beautiful location

In keeping with this vibrant and progressive part of Queensland, we are always working on ways to enhance our caring service and expand our distinctive offerings.

In recent times this has included developing a crypt and mausoleum complex, stand-alone family mausoleums, and a new elevated burial area.

We have replaced the traditional brick wall niches with granite wall niches, giving Allambe Memorial Park a feeling of timelessness. The granite walls provide an elegant and enduring memorial overlooking the magnificent Gold Coast hinterland.

Our Terrace Rose Gardens are spectacular, and they remain the centrepiece of what is a beautifully maintained, perpetual care cemetery.

Allambe Memorial Park is also the Gold Coast’s only provider of premier family vaults.

Our history: A legacy for the Gold Coast

This part of Australia is rich in the history of the pioneering families who developed South-East Queensland.

Grazier and realtor, Arthur Earle, came to the Gold Coast in 1964 and purchased about 3,000 acres of land situated between Nerang and Mudgeeraba.

Earle established the “Allambe Garden of Memories” as a cemetery in 1967, with the first burial taking place in 1968. He started crematorium services in response to the needs of the Gold Coast community in 1972.

Inscribed on a memorial to Arthur Earle in Allambe Memorial Park is the following quote from William Gladstone:

“Show me the manner in which a nation or community cares for its departed and I will show you with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land and their loyalty to high ideals.”